Service Registration Starts Here

  1. Greetings CMA Service Member. Please read this first part of these instructions completely.
  3. We must all re-register for this new version of the CMA Service.
    .. The old member’s database is incompatible with this new system.
  4. Once you fill out this new registration form the system will send you an email to verify your email.
    .. You must check your email and respond to proceed.

  • Let’s start — Insert your preferred PERSONAL EMAIL. (It will be your your username for logging in to the site)
  • Next again include your Email. (YES again)
  • Next Include a Password that you will remember — enter it twice.
  • Now to Column #2. (required)
  • Now include your full First and Last Name.
    .. We don’t share names or emails but we do need to know who your are.
  • Next is your Name on your Conference Badge.
  • Next is your Address, City, State/Province, Country – Apt# (last).
    .. Your City, State/Province, Country – Apt# (last) is a MUST — otherwise your account will not function properly.
    .. If add your street address (it will make the map even more accurate) and if you like getting Christmas cards, you might get some.
    .. PLEASE do not overlook this step as it effects the Service Member and Location pages.
  • Next is your Sober/Clean Date.
  • Next is your CMA Service Commitment.
  • Next enter an approximate date for your commitment.
    .. Don’t worry if it changes — you can adjust it later.
  • And finally let us know if you are a Delegate or Trustee.
  • Now click “COMPLETE SIGN UP“.
    Keep an eye out on your email as the system will send you an email to verify your email.
    You must complete this request to proceed.
  • Verify your email. Your work is done for now.
  • Your registration is then forwarded to the Service Registrar person.
    .. So don’t sit waiting for your email — you should get a response within 24/48 hours. Please do not register twice.

The Service Registrar will confirm your CMA service commitment and verify you. There will be additional field to fill out once you enter your member area.

This confirmation may take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few days. Once this is done you will receive an email from our CMA Service website welcoming you. You may then log-in with full privileges.