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The Board of Trustees (Board) has created a CMA Service Calendar (Calendar) to align the activities of the Board, the General Services Committee (GSC), and the greater CMA service structure.


January 1st 2017

• January 1 is now the recommended start date for all service terms. Two-year terms begin on January 1 of odd-numbered years.

See Details below.

January 15th 2017

• Areas submit the nomination packets for their Director candidates.

• Areas submit the names of the two Delegates attending the upcoming Conference. If your Area needs more time to adjust to this deadline, see More Information below.

• Exact dates of the 2017 Conference are confirmed. In subsequent years, this is also when the Board will publish the annual service calendar.

May 15th 2017

• Local fellowships submit bids to host the 2018 Conference.

June 15th 2017

• Deadline to receive any items to be considered for inclusion on the 2017 Conference agenda (includes items from Advisory Committees, Areas, Groups, or individual members).

July 15th 2017

• Delegate packets and the Conference agenda are transmitted to the Conference Delegates.

November 2017 General Service Conference

• Regional Assemblies meet and select Director nominees from the pool of candidates brought forth from the Areas within their region.

• The Conference votes to confirm the Director nominees.

• The Board votes to confirm incoming Directors, Officers, and Advisory Committee Chairs.

• Announcement of the host city for the 2018 Conference.

For continuity, the following dates of the 2018 CMA Service Calendar are included:

January 1st 2018

• Beginning of all 2-year service terms, including Directors, Officers, and Advisory Committee Chairs. The Board recommends that all service positions throughout the fellowship align with the same cycle. See Details below.

January 15th 2018

• Exact dates of the 2018 Conference are confirmed.

• The 2018 CMA Service Calendar is published.

• Nomination packets are due from Areas to fill Director vacancies. Normally, Director nominations are processed in even-numbered years, with their terms to begin on

February 15th 2018

• The 2017 Conference Report is published to the Fellowship.


Streamlined Elections and Orientation: In the past, the Board would not officially elect Directors, Officers, and Advisory Committee Chairs until its annual June meeting, which was three months after the Conference. With the new Calendar, the Board will vote at the Conference, so that incoming Directors, Officers, and Advisory Committee Chairs will know right away about their new positions, and can begin their orientation while present at the Conference.

January 1st Terms for the Board: With elections completed at the Conference in the fall, the Board decided to begin terms on the following January 1. As is the practice at many service levels of CMA, the Board made sure that all of its service positions rotate on the same two-year schedule, allowing experienced trusted servants to easily rotate into new positions when their terms end.

January 1st Terms for the Greater Fellowship: The Board recommends that Areas, Districts, and Groups consider aligning their service terms on the same cycle, with terms beginning on January 1. In this manner, more trusted servants throughout the fellowship can complete their full terms, stand for new positions, rotate out of old positions, and mentor new members into service. Making the transition to new service terms may require some existing terms be extended or shortened. Areas, Districts, and Groups should, of course, conduct their business and elections in a manner and on a schedule that works for their local fellowship. The Board is only making a recommendation, asking the larger fellowship to consider the benefits of aligned service terms.

One Annual Area Meeting: One intentional benefit of the new Calendar is to allow an Area to conduct all of its critical business at one annual meeting after the delegate packets are sent out in mid July. An Area could certainly meet more often than once a year if it wanted to, but for smaller Areas with limited resources, a single annual meeting has appeal. At this one annual meeting, all of the following could be accomplished:

• Discuss and prepare for the upcoming conference with the current delegates.

• Elect the incoming delegate who will begin their term on January 1st of the following year.

• Elect a nominee to the Board of Directors when vacancies or terms dictate.

• Elect incoming Area officers, who would also begin their term on January 1st of the following year.

Delegate Packet: It’s important for delegate packets to be distributed by the delegates to the local fellowships, so that the contents can be discussed and fully understood, and the delegates can be prepared for the Conference. The GSC respects this critical link in the service structure and therefore only transmits the delegate packets to delegates.

Conference Report: The conference report is a summary of the discussions and actions of the Conference. The GSC is now transmitting this report more widely, including any GSR or other member with an email address on file. The GSC also publishes the conference report on the CMA website. Areas might find it unnecessary to have a second annual meeting to review the conference report, although they certainly could choose to do so. An Area could also choose to wait and review the past conference report as part of its annual meeting to prepare for the upcoming conference.

Transition: Adjusting to the new Calendar will be easy for some, and difficult for others. The Board recognizes that some Areas have established cycles that may be disrupted by the new Calendar. While it’s important to be accountable and honor deadlines that allow the service process to run smoothly, it’s equally important that we all navigate the transition in a helpful manner.

More Information: If you need more time to adjust to the new schedule, or you simply have questions about the new Calendar, please contact the Board Chair (Walt W.) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us help.


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